Best Apps to grow your Creativity of the Month April in 2020

Best Apps to grow your Creativity of the Month April in 2020

Hello Friends and welcome back to another Amazing post. if you were brand new And if you're a regular welcome back, so today's post is apps of the month, and we're doing an April edition Slightly late, but so we're putting out there We're bringing together all of the best apps on iOS Android and Mac if you guys could go away and check out all of them will be in the play store or AppStore, so if you want to go straight to a certain application or resource they'll be available in the play store or AppStore so first check out this post and then do whatever you want.

Best Apps in April 2020

So just before we jump in I just wanted to thank our sponsor who is pengie for the April apps of the month It was great have as Penji sponsor of us this month now You probably wondering that what is pengie now at the start of March I was contacted by the team and they shared the resource with me it is a tool essentially for freelancers or individuals who are looking for graphic design skills or People to go away of design stuff for them now as you guys know my theme for the year is scale And they gave me a full three month trial to the resource which I was able to delegate different items for the website And different infographics even to other graphic designers out there now I actually got about four or five graphic pieces done in the month with the the the graphic designers And they helped provide a brilliant experience, and I was pretty impressed with it now the resource is priced I think it's three hundred fifty dollars a month, but there is a discount available below And you can use the link in description to get access to that if you're looking for someone to do your design work for you Whether it's graphic design or UI design, then the team here can provide you a pretty nifty experience I was very impressed After a month of using it So thank you very much depends e for sponsoring this future so dries lit dives straight Into the reviews so guys first app on the list is aims now. I was very impressed by Ames.

It's a really unique application because it's designed is dead simple. It's sort of like things free Meets like a classic Mac sort of design on the screen What it does for you is it allows you to project any projects? or goals that you do have and using your iPhone application actually help execute on them by giving yourself mini actions and milestones for each of those goals now It's a pretty impressive application And I think the way that design is gonna make it really easy for you to make definitive Clear set goals so if you're looking for a maybe a overall Application that stands alongside your to do this application then this could be the one for you so the next resource is called Fortune City And I was quite a press where this one because aren't you looking at habit tracking Applications and actually discovered this one now the idea behind this one is to gamify your bookkeeping or accounting so, for example, Let's say you're looking to save all your looking to track how much you spend on certain items Income expenditure etc just the personal finance.

Apps that I Personally Like

It's actually a neat application for that if you're looking to Like you know get organized with that this application basically allows you to create this metropolis or city It's not quite gamer fide and once you do that you can start putting money into different areas And it will track all of the income and expenditure that you do have now it's quite fun And it will help to make sort of this whole expenditure and income thing a lot easier to manage and maybe if you have kids or Like someone like you know younger that you want to help with that learning about finance This could be a good resource for that no the next application is called me time and that actually the sponsor for Marches apps of the month Which is pretty exciting now the resource is a pretty nifty way to create agendas for meetings now That's quite rare inside an application When you're looking for a specific tool to book meetings or even to plan meetings It's quite hard to find and it's a lot of time you get locked into some subscription applications, but this resource is pretty impressive It's an iOS application That provides you with a way to quickly create a Purpose for a meeting and all the location and timings and then have a natural timer for the meeting as well as an agenda purpose and the direct responsibility items now

It's quite cool because if you're looking to define like certain details And you want to share that people then it's pretty useful now the real magic is inside the timer which allows you to track the time of the meeting and Log all of that good stuff, and it really does help you keep accountable to those meetings But you'll hear more of that in next month's one so the next application is Castro And it's a podcasting application with a slight Productivity twist when you get a new podcast it appears in your inbox and what you can do There is choose what happens to it. It's quite a cool way to triage your podcast episodes as they come in now I know sometimes podcasting can be pretty manic-like all of these podcasts you have to listen to What do I listen to when do I listen to it? And this is a great resource to be able to clear all of that lovely stuff out now the application as I know it's available On iOS and provides a bit a pretty nifty to experience although It is a one-off payment to get access to that now the next application you guys probably know already I did a recent review of it dropbox paper is essentially a tool that allows you to Create documents and teams share them and make comments notes and bring all the documents in afterlife It's sort of like Google Docs But maybe a little more multimedia focus Now dropbox paper has been making waves recently and I've been checking out that by a West application which is pretty decent Although it needs some slight work.

Are these Apps Good For you?

It is a good experience now this is available on iOS and Android so you can download that one after this post and finally, I've mentioned it before but Skillshare has a really strong application, and if you remember you can actually download all of the classes that you have available offline so you can go away and check that its sort of like bits head out to some extent But there are some courses and classes that you can go away and enjoy and they know a fair amount of them that you guys Will enjoy now to do is camp to classes on there which are pretty impressive all about sort of digital productivity planning a week and Trying to get out of like a digital. They stress and everything like that Include all of them in the description below anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed this month's apps of the month I hope that you can go and download them include them all Inscription below, I've got an exciting list for March, so feel free to stay tuned if you like apps of the month And you want to read more of it put a comment below and feel Check out the playlist of previous apps of mumps, so you guys can go away and check out every single app We've ever reviewed here, and we're guys Thank you so much for stopping by make sure to have a great week keep productive, and I'll meet you guys very very soon Cheers.

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